Explore Kanazawa from Tatemachi Street.
Let us be your home away
from home between discoveries.

Tatemachi Street offers free Wi-Fi, an English-speaking hostel and bar, and is working to learn more English to help all of its English-speaking visitors.

Kaname Hostel

This dormitory style hostel and its bilingual staff focus on providing a safe and comfortable sleep for visitors from the world over.

Very cozy, clean and nice staff! It also has good access to famous sightseeing spots!

Kaname Bar

Meet locals and even a few musicians at this American-style bar. Regular live performance and language exchange events monthly.

I love coming here to drink! Everybody is so friendly and welcoming, you can really have an awesome night here!

Free Wi-Fi

We have been offering free Wi-Fi along Tatemachi Street.

Translation Cards

Individual shops will work with you to help you find the right item or direction using translation cards. (English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean)

Tatemachi Street

Just walking though Tatemachi Street is fun. The street is only 430 meters long, and here are about 200 shops including specialty boutiques, restaurants, and shops with a long history. So take a little stroll while the street is also a great short-cut connecting popular sightseeing spots such as Kenrokuen, 21st Century Museum, Nagamachi Samurai house district.