Enjoy Kanazawa from
Tatemachi Street

Central to Kanazawa’s most popular tourist spots and within walking distance of them, Tatemachi is a beating heart for visitors to Kanazawa. Save on travel fare by making the street your hub, or take a rental bicycle, located at one end of the bustling street, for even faster trekking around the city.

Kenrokuen Garden Park

Beautiful anytime of the year, this ancient garden has seen many revisions since the Edo period and is a part of Kanazawa’s historical and cultural heritage. As one of Japan’s three great gardens, it’s popular for tourists the world over.
adults: ¥310, children: ¥100
12 mins by foot

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

Built to mimic a bustling park in the city’s center, this museum encourages a “new culture” mindset among its artists and and visitors. Famous works such as “The Swimming Pool” and “The Man Who Measures the Clouds” are among its permanent collection.
adults: ¥1700, children: ¥700
5 mins by foot

D.T. Suzuki Museum

Come to know the thoughts and walk in the footsteps of Daisetsu Suzuki, arguably one of the most important men in Zen Buddhism for his personal contributions and translations of Zen works. The striking and meditative building set against nature echos his philosophies.
adults: ¥300, children: free
10 mins by foot

Nagamachi, the “Samurai District”

Though it remains a residential neighborhood, Nagamachi was once home to the Kaga region’s samurai class, and many of their homes and the neighborhoods defenses have remained intact. See how different classes lived in the Edo period and enjoy the many gardens and museums in the area.
10 mins by foot
free; museum prices vary

Kohrinbo & Kohrinbo bus stop

Ever busy but still less crowded than Katamachi is Kohrinbo, a fashion-focused shopping district with one of the best connected bus stops in the city. Just behind the main street is charming Seseragi Street with a number of smaller shops, restaurants, and cafes along an artificial stream.
6 mins by foot

Katamachi, downtown Kanazawa

Bustling Katamachi is the busiest spot in the Hokuriku area, packed with food and fashion. Well-established brands make this a popular shopping street for all ages, flavors run the world over from Japanese to Indian to Spanish and back again, and all varieties of drinking, host, and karaoke bars are open to patrons.
6 mins by foot

Nishichaya, the West Geisha District

Smaller than the ever-crowded Higashichaya, Nishichaya retains the beauty of Edo period tea house architecture in a quieter atmosphere. Enjoy hot green tea or hot chocolate, hear geisha practice their music, or visit the free museum.
10 mins by foot

Myouryuji, the “Ninja Temple”

Monikered for its many traps, pitfalls and secrets, this temple actually protected the ruling lord and his samurai army. Reservations required. Tours run 45 minutes.
adults: ¥1000, children: ¥700
10 mins by foot


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